World Class OTR Features

The leading mixed heavy equipment fleet management system now includes best-in-class OTR features to help Fleet Managers take control of their over the road assets.

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Driver Behavior and Scorecard

  • Track driver behavior for your entire OTR fleet
  • Custom set parameters and scorecards help manage your drivers
  • Nullify a Driver Behavior occurrence from scorecard by simply checking a box in the OTR configuration
  • Include high and low severity configuration for events including: speeding, harsh braking, harsh turning, and hard acceleration


  • See video events from Driver Behavior or breadcrumb trail on the map layer
  • Real-time tracking updates using 4G LTE
  • Automatic accident triggers (g-force) and push-button emergency recording
  • Tamper resistant camera, cables, and SD card
  • Recall and download driver footage within 90 days
  • Fully integrated into Fleet Intelligence™ Driver Behavior and asset breadcrumb trail, with customizable thresholds and recall times


  • Interactive training on the tablet
  • Dynamic HOS rule updating
  • Ability to import ELD data files from other ELD solutions
  • User-name and simple login to access ELD in any OTR asset
  • Single sign on between Fleet Intelligence™ and ELD solutions

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