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When customers ask when a piece of equipment will arrive at a jobsite, I can tell them exactly where it is and when it will arrive, thanks to Fleet Intelligence. We’re no longer guessing or giving broad time windows like the cable company.

Sunstate TestimonialCraig Haddox

Our customers are never in the dark about their equipment repairs. With FI-SMS™ they receive real-time updates directly to their phones, detailing both progress and any unexpected delays. This transparency keeps our customers informed, but also helps us better manage expectations and enhances satisfaction.

Beard LogoMike Murphy

FI-SMS™ gave us the ability to pull workorders from our existing business system and allow us to automate and track customer communications.

WI Clark Testimonial LogoRussell Hansen

I love how easy it is to maneuver. It’s great that you can get info and reports instantly…the future of safety for machines and the plant itself are all headed towards technology like this.

Vulcan Materials TestimonialLuke Rabon

In just the last 3 months, we have been able to track equipment stolen from our job sites and have saved the companies $70,000 worth of potential loss. The asset tracking system has provided law enforcement with the information needed to apprehend the perpetrators and recover our equipment, and the “breadcrumb trail” feature of the system has aided law enforcement in finding possible other stolen equipment. This, along with the insurance savings, has more than paid for the use of the system.

Coyote Ridge ConstructionDaniel Lowe

We implemented Fleet Intelligence™ recently and the ease of use, simple design, minimal training requirements and most importantly the consistent and amazing support from their US based office has proved to be a great investment.

Orion Testimonial LogoCody Walraven

The Fleet Intelligence system is easy to use and has helped increase productivity as well as aid us in reducing accidents and traffic violations. Got to mention also the customer service is absolute top-notch! What a great team!

EcoServ Testimonial

Our team enjoys the ability to see real-time data for all key metrics, making their jobs as efficient as possible. The Foresight team is best in class, and they continue to make access to new data visible and highly valuable to our teams. We manage the entire business with their tools.

Vermeer Wisconsin LogoJulie Tomlin

The Fleet Intelligence app has made the job of preventative maintenance flawless. We are able to see inspections as they happen, and then assign a workorder to the repair. We have saved an average of 23% on maintenance cost just being able to prevent a minor issue from becoming a breakdown.

Daniel Guzman

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