Fleet Intelligence’s CrewStrong™ brings the next evolution in tracking, and a powerful pandemic management tool against COVID-19.

‍CrewStrong™ offers a safe return to offices and jobsites with the advanced tracking capabilities of pairing small and discreet devices such as BT5v Bluetooth tags from OEM Data Delivery with Fleet Intelligence’s patent-pending geofence technology to track crew members while they are on site. If a member of your team tests positive for COVID-19, you simply access a report through your dashboard that lists that individual’s every interaction within a particular radius for any previous time period selected. The Bluetooth tag can be attached to any “worn” item such as a hard hat, badge ID or keys. This alleviates compliance and tracking concerns that can come into play with other application-based tracking platforms. This solution offers “congregating warnings” to ping certain selected team members when there are more than the allotted amount of team members gathering in close proximity.

Foresight Intelligence, Inc® (Scottsdale, AZ) is working with OEM Data Delivery (Shelton, CT) Bluetooth devices to deliver a revolutionary new solution. Foresight Intelligence® offers this new solution through its telematics product suite front-runner; Fleet Intelligence™.