Written by: Foresight Intelligence

Customer Textimonial

FI-SMS™ Solution Testimonial and Solution Showcase

At Fleet Intelligence™, we are dedicated to revolutionizing fleet management through innovative technology and customer-centric solutions. Our comprehensive suite of tools is designed to optimize every aspect of fleet operations, from maintenance to customer interactions. Before implementing Fleet Intelligence™, our team often sees clients struggling with lengthy estimate approvals, inefficient work order processing, and disjointed customer communication, all of which leads to increased labor costs and less-than-ideal customer satisfaction levels.

FI-SMS™ Solution Implemented

  • Rapid Estimate Approvals: FI-SMS™ streamlined the estimate approval process, enabling sign-offs within minutes and significantly accelerated service delivery.
  • Work Order Efficiency: FI-SMS™ has simplified work order assignments and tracking, allowing for effortless management and real-time updates.
  • Enhanced Communication Tools: The platform supports 2-way texting directly with customers and integrates features for adding comments, photos, videos, and detailed inspections, ensuring clear and continuous communication.
  • Integrated System Modules: With FI-SMS™ seamless integration, additional modules like Alert Triage Center, Preventative Maintenance Plans, and Real-time KPIs visible across all departments, enhancing operational efficiencies.
  • Historical Data Utilization: All communication histories are saved, allowing for easy reference and helping to build better customer relationships over time.

Results Achieved

  • Labor Cost Reduction: By streamlining service department workflows, our clients saved significantly on labor costs.
  • Immediate Customer Feedback: Real-time customer satisfaction surveys enabled immediate feedback, allowing any issues to be addressed swiftly and improving overall service quality.
  • Digital Payment Solutions: Integration with Stripe Payment Processing facilitated smooth online invoicing, enhancing the payment experience for customers.
  • Elevated Customer Experience: These improvements provided customers with a 5-Star experience, reflecting in higher satisfaction rates and enhanced loyalty.

    Text Alerts Testimonial

    Mike Murphy from Beard Equipment stated, “our customers are never in the dark about their equipment repairs. With FI-SMS™ they receive real-time updates directly to their phones, detailing both progress and any unexpected delays. This transparency keeps our customers informed, but also helps us better manage expectations and enhances satisfaction.”


Extending Your Reach

Fleet Intelligence™ not only simplifies fleet management but also elevates the entire customer experience, proving that effective communication and efficient processes are key to achieving customer satisfaction. Our clients now enjoy more streamlined operations, better customer relationships, and significant cost savings, all while providing top-notch services.

Are you ready to make this new technology frontier work for you?