Written by: Foresight Intelligence

Attachment Tracking and Utilization

Asset Utilization Visibility with Mini T.A.C.™ 

We hear it all the time: contractors face significant financial losses due to regularly misplaced hammers, tools and attachments, with annual costs ranging between $20,000 to over $100,000. This challenge extends beyond financial implications, impacting project schedules and operational efficiency. Even more, the inability to accurately track the utilization of these attachments hinders the ability to optimize resource allocation and billing accuracy.


The Mini T.A.C.™ (Tactical Asset Cage™) system addresses these challenges comprehensively by offering a multifaceted approach to asset management:

    • Structural Steel Cage: The Mini T.A.C.™ provides robust physical security, safeguarding valuable equipment attachments from loss or theft.
    • LTE Asset Tracking Device: Equipped with a compact and reliable tracking device, the system ensures real-time location monitoring, even in harsh job site conditions.
    • Proprietary Firmware for Utilization Tracking: A key feature of the Mini T.A.C.™ is its proprietary firmware, which not only tracks the location but also monitors the utilization of attachments. This functionality enables clients to optimize equipment usage and accurately bill for services.
    • Adjustable Ping Rate and Easy Battery Replacement: The device’s adjustable ping rate extends battery life and ensures uninterrupted service.

Testing and Durability:

The Mini T.A.C.™ has undergone rigorous testing to guarantee performance in demanding environments:

    • G-Shock Vibration: Tactical Asset Cage withstands vibrations up to 30 G’s.
    • Drop and Temperature Tests: Functions reliably after a 1-meter drop and in extreme temperatures ranging from -30°F to 136°F.
    • Water and Dirt Resistance: Fully submersible, ensuring functionality in any job site condition.

The Results:

  • Optimized Resource Allocation: The Mini T.A.C.™’s proprietary firmware for utilization tracking has empowered contractors to optimize the use of their equipment. By providing visibility into how attachments are used, clients can make informed decisions on resource allocation, ensuring that equipment is utilized to its fullest potential.
  • Accurate Billing for Utilization: One of the standout benefits of the Mini T.A.C.™ system is its impact on billing accuracy. Contractors can now track the actual usage of attachments, enabling precise billing for services rendered. This feature has significantly reduced disputes over hours billed and ensured that clients are accurately compensated for all their work.


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