Digital Inspection Revolutionized

Optimize your fleet and plant inspection process with the all-new FI Inspect 2.0™ mobile inspection application, powered by Fleet Intelligence™.

See It In Action!

Inspection LP Request Demo

You gave us feedback. We listened. FI Inspect 2.0™ has been rebuilt from the ground up, which goes beyond the great new user interface. We packed loads of new features under the hood to optimize workflows and simplify processes so your crew can focus on the job.

Streamlined Inspections

Deadlines can’t wait and neither should your inspections. Build and modify your own asset inspection templates on the fly. Templates can be built for entire asset classes or drilled down to individual assets and areas of the job site or plant.

Connect the Field and Office

FI Inspect 2.0™ has a super-charged data sharing sequence that rapidly communicates requests and information from the field directly to the office.

Get More Done in One Place

Wouldn’t it be nice to get all of your processes done in one place? We have that covered. FI Inspect 2.0™ has a fully integrated time card entry solution to save time and get your crew to work faster.

Intuitive, Effortless Navigation

Let’s face it: sometimes mobile apps can be tricky and a burden to use in the field. Small buttons and confusing navigation coupled with convoluted processes can bring your team to a halt.

That’s where FI Inspect 2.0™ comes in. We eliminated the complexities and replaced them with enhanced navigation routing, clear and concise formatting, simplified form fills, and oversized buttons to make your crews’ job faster and easier.

Real-Time Map Layer

Get instant visibility to the status, health, and location of your fleet, all in one place. To-the-second updating and color-coded alerts gives your team in the office all of the tools and information necessary to prioritize alerts, schedule repairs and get your fleet running with confidence.

Additional Features

Safety Compliance

Fully optimized to meet OSHA and MSHA compliance standards


Conduct inspections in English, French, and Spanish

Cloud-Based Storage

Unlimited cloud-based storage for images and videos

Easy Exporting

Exports inspection reports to Excel and CSV files