Industrial Connectivity and CalAmp Partnership

Industrial Connectivity | CalAmp Announces General Availability of HMU3640LB Industrial Gateway

IRVINE, Calif., June 20, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CalAmp, a connected intelligence company helping people and organizations improve operational performance with a data-driven solutions ecosystem, today announced the general availability of the HMU3640LB, an advanced industrial gateway designed to enhance operational efficiency, security, and maintenance for software solutions providers and developers working with industrial and off-highway equipment. This new edge computing gateway serves industries such as construction, agriculture, forestry, oil & gas, mining, and heavy equipment rentals.

The HMU3640LB represents a significant advancement in industrial telematics. Engineered to thrive in extreme environments, it provides reliable data, edge programmability, and robust connectivity solutions for customers.

“Our application, Fleet Intelligence, primarily serves the construction, aggregate, and equipment rental industries. Our customers operate in the harshest environments. We require the highest quality devices that can operate in these types of environments. We have found the HMU-3640 device to be reliable, made of high-quality materials, and have industrial strength to withstand these tough conditions.”
-Dale Hanna, CEO, Foresight Intelligence

Key Product Specifications and Benefits

The HMU3640LB is equipped with state-of-the-art features designed to meet the demands of telematics solutions providers and developers, ensuring they can offer comprehensive and reliable services to their clients:

  • Extreme Environment Durability: Encased in an IP66 & IP67-rated housing, the HMU3640LB withstands harsh conditions including dust, immersion, and high-pressure water jets. Compliance with SAE J1455 and MIL-STD standards makes it ideal for heavy-duty off-road use and rigorous environments.
  • Global Connectivity: With support for LTE CAT 1 and 2G/3G fallback, the device provides seamless global connectivity, eliminating the need for regional variants and simplifying supply chain management.
  • Advanced Data Capabilities: Supports Modbus, Serial RS232/RS485, J1939 heavy-duty protocols, and dual CAN bus capabilities, ensuring comprehensive data integration from various industrial equipment. Built-in accelerometer and BLE 5.2 for sensor connectivity further enhance data collection capabilities.
  • Edge Programming and Over-the-Air Updates: Utilizing CalAmp’s No-Code PEG engine and EdgeApp32 hosted app environment, the device enables on-device data processing, custom logic programming, real-time remote diagnostics, and predictive maintenance, significantly reducing downtime and costs.
  • Enhanced Security and Operational Efficiency: Features such as configurable geofences, real-time alerts, and remote monitoring to improve security and productivity. The device can trigger alerts for unauthorized usage and facilitate asset recovery, ensuring optimal equipment utilization.

The HMU3640LB offers flexibility, scalability, and reliability, making it an ideal choice for telematics solutions providers and developers. Its robust feature set supports seamless integration with various equipment types, ensuring consistent performance and data integrity.

Now available for purchase through CalAmp’s sales channels, the HMU3640LB is built to optimize utilization, enhance security, and reduce downtime for heavy-duty equipment operators. Its ability to monitor equipment across job sites, provide real-time tracking, and send unauthorized use alerts ensures that operations stay on budget and secure.